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Water Choice - HX machines

Disclaimer: This technical support is provided for information purposes only.

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NEVER use distilled water in Semi-commercial and Commercial espresso machines with heat exchangers. Also, you should check your product documentation to determine if you should avoid the use of reverse osmosis water.

This is because these types of espresso machines run a low voltage grounded electrical current through the water in the internal boiler to determine the water level and ensure the heating element inside the boiler is always submerged in water to avoid damage. Distilled water or reverse osmosis water may be too pure for the espresso machine to "sense" the electrical voltage; if this happens the espresso machine will ultimately overfill the boiler and damage will occur.

Since it is important to use water that is very low in calcium and magnesium, but contains other low level minerals to maintain effective functionality of the water level control, we recommend using tap water or bottled water, that is run through a water softener.  

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