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Placing an Order

Orders may be made via our secure online Shopping Cart. The Concentrated Cup will also accept orders via email [hypertext link to email address], phone [hypertext link to phone number listed below] or by mail [hypertext link to Address section of “Payment” section, below]. Please note that sales tax will not be applied to any orders, which will be delivered to an address outside of California.  

To place an order with The Concentrated Cup, please browse to the product page of the desired product, then:

  • Click the “Add to Cart” button
  • Once the item appears in your cart, click the “Checkout” button
    (If you are not already signed in, you will be prompted to do so. If you have not yet created an account, click the “Create New Account” button, and follow the instructions. You also have the alternative option to proceed without creating an account.)
  • Click the “Place Order” button
    (NOTE: The transaction may take a moment to process, so once you have clicked the button, please do not click anything else (or refresh the page) until you see the “Order Confirmed” notification.)



For your convenience, orders may be placed online using:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal

Please rest assured that your personal credit card information is protected by the highest standards of encryption technology. [**** CREDIT CARD CHARGES FOR ESPRESSO MACHINES??? Research this!! For reference: see Clive Coffee order policy****]

Alternatively, order payment may be made by mail, via cashier’s cheque or money order, to the following address:


The Concentrated Cup
PO Box 1234
Santa Clarita, CA 91350


Please be sure to include your name, shipping address, phone number and email address, in addition to the full details of your desired item(s). Immediately upon clearance of these types of payments, you will be notified via email (please see below, for order “Order Confirmation” details) [hypertext link to “ORDER CONFIRMATION” section, below], and orders will proceed to be shipped. Tracking information will be forwarded, as soon as it becomes available (please see below, for order “Order Shipment” details) [hypertext link to “ORDER SHIPMENT” section, below].



Minimum Purchase for All Payment Methods

We thank you for understanding that there are costs associated to the processing of your order. Please note that there is a $50 minimum purchase, at The Concentrated Cup, which enables us to cover our transactional service costs.


Order Changes/ Cancellation

Please select your item(s) carefully, and do not hesitate to contact The Concentrated Cup with any questions you may have, in advance of purchase, as order modifications/ cancellations may result in shipping delays or be subject to cancellation and/ or restocking fees.


Products – Final Sales and Disclaimers Notes

  • Grinders: Coffee grinders (including those built into certain super-automatic espresso machines) are intended to grind unflavored, whole coffee beans only.
    The unendorsed use of any grinder to process flavored coffee beans, other food products or for regrinding/ further refining grinds, will result in the coffee grinder/ espresso machine being rendered a non-refundable (non-returnable), final sale. It will also void any applicable product warranty.
    Please see “Exchanges/ Returns” for further details. [link to “EXCHANGES/ RETURNS” page]
  • Colors: The Concentrated Cup makes every effort to portray the color of an item as accurately as possible on our site. Please note however, that the color of an item may appear different, according to the specific color settings on your monitor/ screen.
  • Images: We strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date images of available products on our site. Our manufacturers may make modifications without prior notification or update. The Concentrated Cup will not be responsible for any resulting errors or outdated images, and Customer agrees to hold The Concentrated Cup harmless of all liabilities, regarding any discrepancies.
  • Quantity: Unless otherwise specifically noted, all products are sold in single, individual quantities.
  • Dishwasher/ Microwave Safe: While much of the product line at The Concentrated Cup is dishwasher and microwave safe for customer convenience and ease of use, it should not be assumed that all products are.
    In the interest of customer and product safety, items should NOT be considered dishwasher or microwave safe, unless otherwise specifically noted.
    The unendorsed use of dishwasher or microwave on any item that results in damage to the product will result in it being rendered a non-refundable (non-returnable), final sale. It will also void any applicable product warranty.
  • Measurements: All measurements (including but not limited to: weights, dimensions and volumes) are approximate. In general, measurements are made from the base of the unit, and usually do not include any extensions (from groupheads, steam or hot water wands, etc.). In addition, volume measurements may be in ounces or in fluid ounces, which are different.
    Of note, manufactures may also make modifications to equipment, without prior notification or update. Although we strive to provide accurate measurements and stay apprised of any manufacturer modifications to measurements, The Concentrated Cup will not be responsible for any resulting errors or outdated specifications, and Customer agrees to hold The Concentrated Cup harmless of all liabilities, regarding any discrepancies.


Holiday Orders

Online orders made between November 15th and December 15th of this year are eligible for an extended Exchange/ Return period!*

Please note that ALL items must be returned unopened and with all original packaging (for applicable items, only; food items may not be returned).
All other usual terms and conditions of sale still apply. [link to “???” page]

*Please ensure that your order notes that this purchase is a “GIFT” by mentioning this, in the “Comments” section of your online order, or that this note is similarly highlighted/ emphasized, if the order is made by email, phone or regular mail.

Exchanges/ Returns of “Holiday Orders”

An approved RMA# will be required (please see our standard “Exchanges/ Returns” policy), and the return shipment must be registered as “Received” in our facility, by January 15th, 2017.
Please note: ALL other of our usual “Exchanges/ Returns” policies still apply. [link to “EXCHANGES/ RETURNS” page]

Sales Tax

All purchases shipped within California are subject to a “California Sales and Use Tax” of ___%.

For ALL shipments made to addresses outside of California, The Concentrated Cup advises that no sales tax will be collected. Customers are respectfully urged to inform themselves about the relevant tax policies for their state of residency, and to comply with and assume responsibility to pay any and all applicable sales and/ or use taxes that may apply. 

If you need help placing an order, or have any questions about shopping at The Concentrated Cup, please email us at We will respond to your order inquiry within 24 hours. We may also be reached at +1 (661) 888-2660, during our standard business hours.



As soon as you place your order, you will receive an “Order Confirmation” email.  This means that we have received your order within our system, and have pre-authorized your credit card for the purchase.  As soon as we receive your order, we automatically reach out to our suppliers to confirm that your item(s) is/ are in stock, and available for immediate shipment.  If your item(s) is/ are on backorder or unavailable, we will void the pre-authorization and reach out to you via email.  If your item(s) is/ are available for immediate shipment (within five (5) business days), we will process the charges and immediately submit the order for shipment.



Want to check on your Order Status?



Impact of Packaging/ Repackaging and Bench-Testing on Shipment Timelines
Before shipment, most or all espresso machines and grinders are removed from packaging and tested. This is done to ensure that they have arrived from the manufacturer without damage, and to add to or modify packaging prior to final shipment. The majority of machines are also bench-tested – either at that time, or just prior to final shipment to customer, upon order. Please note that as a result of the bench-testing, grinders may retain some residue. Signs of opened packaging, or grind residue does not mean that the product was returned or used previously by another customer – these are merely indications of industry-standard bench-testing and shipping procedures, implemented to ensure receipt of quality products. 

On occasion, this may add time to the process of preparing your order for shipment. If this is the case, The Concentrated Cup will be sure to keep you apprised of any delayed order status, and will forward tracking information, as soon as the shipment has left the warehouse and these details become available.

When Will My Order Ship?

If your order is in stock and we process the charges to your credit card, it will typically ship within five (5) business days from the date of your order.  We will send you tracking information within 24 hours of your order leaving the warehouse, to the email address you provided when checking out.  If you do not receive tracking information from us within six (6) business days of your order, please feel free to follow up with us at

If you have any further questions about the Shipment Process, or for more specific details, please refer to Shipping. [link to “SHIPPING” page]



Please inspect your package, when you receive it. All claims for shipping damages, defects (upon receipt) and missing items/ shortages must be made within five (5) calendar days of receipt of merchandise.

  • Box Damage: If you notice any apparent damages to the outer carton (e.g. gashes in the box/ box severely crushed/ internal packaging leaking peanuts/ creased corners), please alert the driver/ carrier immediately, and be sure to indicate this damage as a notation when signing the shipping documents for delivery.
  • Concealed Damages (UPS, FedEx and USPS only): If you notice any concealed damages from shipping, please contact us within five (5) calendar days of receipt of merchandise.
  • Packaging: Please make sure that you keep ALL packaging (boxes, shipping labels, peanuts, etc.) as the respective carrier inspector will need to inspect the package. Failure to keep and return all packaging will render all applicable exchange, return and/ or refund privileges null and void (and possibly warranty policies, as well).

If your order arrives with visible damage, please do NOT use the merchandise. The carrier will deem the shipment to be “accepted and acceptable” or “used,” and will not issue a claim number, nor pay for the damages which occurred in transit.

If there is no damage visible on your new espresso machine, please check the operation of the machine with water only first, to inspect for internal damages, which would show water leakage. If there is water leakage, please contact us within five (5) calendar days, and please unplug the equipment.

If there is no damage visible on your new grinder, please turn it on without beans first, to inspect for any strange noises. Similarly, if any damage is noted, please contact us within five (5) calendar days, and discontinue any further use.

Please note that your continued use of item(s) damaged in transit, or failure to keep all packaging for the carrier’s inspection will render all applicable exchange, return and/ or refund privileges null and void (and possibly warranty policies, as well).

Please be advised that we cannot issue a replacement, exchange or refund unless a Damaged Merchandise Agreement claim number is issued. Please see “Damaged Merchandise Notification” page for further details on the process, and to begin a claim.


    Signature is required upon delivery
    for all major metro areas (including for orders under $100), and for all purchases exceeding $100 (regardless of location).
    Please inspect the packaging of your item(s) upon arrival. If you notice any damage, you must make note of it with the carrier, when signing for delivery. In particular, if you find a damaged carton, or have any reason to believe that the item is damaged, please write “Product Damaged” on the delivery document that you are asked to sign. This will help to ensure easier insurance claim processing, if an item does indeed turn out to be damaged. In this event, please send photos to , and we will process an insurance claim on your behalf [with the carrier].
    All shipping damages, defects (upon receipt) and missing/ items shortages must be reported within five (5) calendar days of delivery receipt.


Please see a full description of what does (and does not) qualify for a Return.

If you have any further questions about the Order Process at The Concentrated Cup, need some assistance, or would like to place your order over the phone, please feel free to reach us at +1 (661) 888-2660. Our Customer Service professionals are friendly, knowledgeable and courteous and we are always pleased to help in any way we can!

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